The Original Sanctuary

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By Marc Owings & David Terry

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Every person on the face of the planet is hardwired from the factory of heaven with dreams, hopes, gifts, and callings to accomplish God’s purpose and destiny. We are birthed with a wide-eyed, childlike wonder and expectancy that we are involved in something much larger than ourselves. As a child, something in our hearts knew that there was a purpose and destiny to be discovered and released. Back then, life was an adventure. We looked around every corner for the next exciting thing. As adults, life evolves into a series of calculated risks. The adventure is removed and the expectation dies. We were created for adventure, to be daring, bold, fabulous and remarkable. We were destined to reflect the unique expression of God Almighty! However, life has a way of short-circuiting that original wiring. It seems the older we get, the less dreaming we do. We grow up but in the wrong way. Over time our mind takes over and our heart and spirit dies. The result: We are alive but not really living. You will discover in the pages of this book that nothing in your heart has stunned God or caught him off guard. Nothing in your past, present or your future has deterred God’s plan and purpose for you. Your God given destiny can be found in one place…..The Original Sanctuary – your heart.

By Marc Owings & David Terry

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  1. seanshadow

    What a great book!

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