The Birth of The Books

Marc and David have been on this journey together since 2008. Through the highs and lows they have penned the words of resources that have impacted thousands.

Every person is created with a unique purpose and destiny. For David and Marc, rediscovering their calling took courage and stepping out in faith.

As children, David and Marc both sensed there was an adventure awaiting them, a destiny to discover. But as adults, life became routine and the expectation of an exciting future began to fade.

They had drifted from truly living into just existing day to day. But something deep inside still stirred with the memory of their childhood hopes. They yearned to reflect God’s unique expression through them once more.

Through challenging times and periods of doubt, they sought answers in prayer. Slowly, their hearts were opened to receive healing and clarity. Memories of their dreams resurfaced with new inspiration.

It was in those quiet moments that they found their “Original Sanctuary” – their hearts, where God’s plan had been etched since birth. All along, their destiny had always been there, regardless of past difficulties or perceived failures.

By choosing courage over comfort, David and Marc began walking the path revealed to them. They are now living out their gifts and callings, accomplishing God’s purpose. Their story shows that nothing can thwart what God destines for His children. When we seek Him, He faithfully shows the way. destiny can be found in one place…The Original Sanctuary – your heart.

A few years later they got back together and completed the ALL IN LIFE that shares even more about their friendship and what it looks like to live life all in with God and others.

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The Original Sanctuary

(Now on Audible)
Written By: Marc Owings & David Terry

Every person on the face of the planet is hard-wired from the factory of heaven with dreams, hopes, gifts, and callings to accomplish God’s purpose and destiny. As a child, something in our hearts knew that there was a purpose
and destiny to be discovered and released… life was an adventure. As adults, life evolves into a series of calculated risks. The adventure is removed, and the expectation
dies. We were created for adventure, to be daring, bold,
fabulous and remarkable. We were destined to reflect the unique expression of God Almighty! We are alive but not really living. You will discover in the pages of this book that nothing in your past, present or future has deterred God’s plan and purpose for you. Your God-given destiny can be found in one place…The Original Sanctuary – your heart.


The All-In Life

Written By: Marc Owings & David Terry

Life is meant to be lived all in with God and others. The more chips we shove ALL IN with Him, the more reward
to be gained in the relationship. From that foundation of complete freedom and absolute acceptance by the Father through Jesus, life is lived out, day-to-day, in relationships with each other

“The supernatural occurs when we are filled with the power and Spirit of God to a level that causes and empowers us to respond in complete opposition to our nature.”


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