ElevateHim Ministries started the mission outreach in Honduras in 2006.  From the beginning, the ministry developed a key partnership with a local Pastor, Jorge Ochoa, and his wife, Annabelle.  The first four years, our attention focused on partnering together with three orphanages that offered long-term quality care for children.  We were blessed to fund housing projects which were crucially needed for the survival of these precious children.  Continuing our partnership, we developed the 911 Project, which rescued 19 children under the age of 10 years old from the dangerous streets of Honduras, built a medical clinic in Talanga, Honduras, coordinated water supply projects, funded water wells, purchased 23 acres for agriculture development, and led mission teams to mobilize medical clinics and feeding programs into the poorest regions.

In 2013, ElevateHim Ministries with Pastor Jorge and Annabelle established and implemented a supplemental feeding program for underprivileged children in Talanga, Honduras. This program helped fund the building of a fully operational kitchen, water storage, and community center attached to Pastor Jorge’s church. Through our partnership, children who were only eating one time a day because of poverty were provided with a 5-day a week operational feeding program. Most of these children lived in extreme poverty and unsanitary conditions without access to clean water or food.  Through the financial support of friends of the ministry, we were able to provide the necessary staffing, clean water, food, and medical attention these children so desperately deserved. Because the children no longer had to suffer through the school day due to hunger or sickness, they not only began to learn. They began to thrive!

The outreach in Honduras has allowed ElevateHim Ministries to evangelize individuals and families through feeding programs, medical care, mentorship, and biblical training. By creating a safe place for children and their families to connect through the community center, most of the families have found themselves attending Pastor Jorge’s church.  

Please take the time to read some of the amazing stories of restoration below:


Angie Pineda

Angie Pineda is 11 years old and has been attending the feeding program for 3 years. When she first arrived, she was heartbroken and hopeless. Her father was in prison charged with homicide. Since he was gone, her mother remarried and Angie’s stepfather became a source of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Angie fled to where she could feel safe and now lives with her grandma. 

Angie fled to where she could feel safe and now lives with her grandma. 
Each day, she not only receives a meal (many times her only meal of the day), but she is known, loved, and cared for by the ministry team.  Through her time, she has accepted Christ as her Savior, attends church, and is involved with Bible classes provided at Pastor Jorge’s church.

Angie is not just a number who comes through the ministry outreach, she is a beautiful daughter of God that is beginning to understand her worth in her faithful Heavenly Father.


Meet Jorgito. He is 8 years old and one of the children that are involved with our daily feeding outreach.

At 3 years old, Jorgito went to live with his father when his parents separated. When he was just 5 years old, his father, a known drug dealer, was brutally murdered in front of this precious boy.

Confused, hurt, and angry, Jorgito then went to live with his mother. She has had difficulty providing for the family because her primary source of income is selling tortillas. Jorgito was invited to the feeding program by Pastors Jorge and Anabel. Aware of his traumatic history, the staff came alongside Jorgito and gave him the loving support he needed to walk through the trauma. Each day he received nourishing food, love, and the truth of the Gospel. Soon after attending, Jorgito accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

After seeing the transformation in Jorgito, his mother and older sister began to attend the programs. Each family member received food, mentorship, community and biblical training. Within a short time, each family member accepted Jesus Christ! Love never fails!

Jorgito has been attending the feeding and biblical training outreach for 3 years. He is a strong 8-year-old boy who is thriving. Through the grace of God, his life is a testimony of the love of Jesus Christ expressed in very practical outreaches. 

The Salgado Family

Victor and Maribel Salgado have two beautiful girls, Esther who is 8 years old and her sister, Maribel who is 12 years old. These girls are so innocent, yet they know firsthand the hardships of life.

Maribel does all she can to help her family and try to make extra money to make ends meet. Their father Victor is a hardworking and loving father.  He is a picture of perseverance. Victor had his right leg amputated due to an unfortunate accident. Because of the love of others, he received a prosthesis leg, which enables him to work.

Victor works very hard every day as a laborer and only makes $4 a day, which is hardly enough to provide all the basic needs for his wife and two girls.  

Can you imagine the trials this family has faced? Men, could you see yourself working that hard for only $4 a day?  As you read this letter as a mom what would your heart be feeling?

When Annabel (our missionary representative) shared the story with Leslie her heart broke as a mother. When I heard of this family’s pain my heart broke as a father. However, Leslie and I rejoice today because we know the rest of the story.

Pastor Jorge and Annabel intervened with love and hope into this family’s life.  This Salgado family was immediately admitted into our outreach program. This family is now receiving: Vitamin-enriched food supplies, school feeding program, safe clean drinking water, medical care, after school prayer and Bible training.

These children are learning the love of God, being taught that God hears and answers their prayers. Their faith is growing every day because of you and others who make this outreach possible!