Water Wells

The elevateHim water well project gives us all an opportunity to express the love of God in a very practical and strategic partnership on the mission field.

Our partnership in Pakistan has a very real need concerning clean, pure drinking water, as well as hearing the good news and message of Jesus Christ. Thousands of people are coming to know the Lord through the water well project and the evangelistic outreaches surrounding these locations.

Waterborne illness is severe and rampant in many parts of the world. In Pakistan, 53,000 children under the age of five die annually due to waterborne illness and sanitation. Through our mission partners on the ground, we are able to impact the nation of Pakistan one cup of water at a time. Through this simple partnership, we are seeing Jesus’ kingdom advance through love!


In the middle east, it is common for Hindus to own the water wells available within the villages, which means when individuals give their life to Christ they will likely be forbidden from drinking from the wells. In America, responding to an altar call could demand individuals to step outside of their comfort zone. In Pakistan, responding to such a call could likely and often does mean saying, “yes” to trusting God for everything – right down to one’s own water source and life. Persecution is at a whole different level in Pakistan.

To date, our missionary partners have dug 28 wells in 28 different villages that have documented Christians living within those communities. These wells are not the only wells within these villages, but they are the only wells these Christians are allowed to freely draw from. Presently, there are a total of 158 villages with Christians who need access to water freely, which means we have 130 to go.

The opportunity to continually expand Jesus’ footprint and provide free water to our brothers and sisters and those who desperately need the love of Christ greatly excites our team. We are seeing God use these wells to give believers great influence and authority in sharing the Gospel. We have witnessed firsthand the wells significantly decrease the prevalence of sickness while increasing the number of salvations. Through a simple water well, countless men, women, and children are experiencing health and wholeness both spiritually and physically.


In addition to digging wells, our missionary partners have recently built a bathroom, which continues to serve as a catalyst of curiosity provoking many to ask about Jesus and the love of Jesus that’s being freely extended to them. Think about it for a moment, most Americans have multiple bathrooms in their homes. Many of the people in this region do not have access to a private bathroom that is sanitary. As a result, we have seen many born again and baptized!

The villages in which we are reaching out and partnering with are certainly a very unreached population for the good news of Jesus. Obviously, this is a very dangerous area for the message of Jesus. The team at elevateHim believes that God has connected us with men and women that have been called to that region to give their lives for others. Your gift today will not only be turned into free, clean water but also allows these missionaries who are called to this region to share the living water of Jesus Christ. For the protection of the missionaries on the ground, we do not give out GPS coordinates to water wells or even name our missionary partners. But we ask that you daily, weekly or monthly pray for these missionaries and water wells.

We see in the life of Jesus that He loved practically, He loved emotionally, and He loved supernaturally. 

Today, we are seeing something as simple as clean drinking water do the very same thing. What a joy to partner with these missionaries and unreached people groups.