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Fully Alive Living

7 Days
Have you ever wondered if you’re truly living Fully Alive? We long to be free from anxiety, worry, troubles from our past and the fears for our future. Fully Alive living is a life full of transparency, vulnerability, truth, grace, and forgiveness. When we live FULLY ALIVE, we can receive God’s love, believe God’s Word, obey Him no matter the cost and freely be who God created us to be.

Fully Connected Marriage

7 Days
God did not create us to have the perfect marriage, but to reflect and represent the relationship between Jesus and the bride of Christ, the Church. A fully connected marriage is a partnership where husband and wife are committed to the daily pursuit of God and each other. When couples are willing to intentionally invest in their marriage, they can experience life fully connected to God and each other.

12 Days to Cultivate a Grateful Heart

21 Days
Gratitude is contagious and as you practice living thankfully, you give others permission to be thankful too. You will take the next 21 days to celebrate the good things in your life, shift your focus from what you think is missing in your life to the blessings that are right in front of you and share the faithfulness of God with those around you.

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