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Elevating Jesus

ElevateHim is not a church, a conference, or a movement.  ElevateHim is a ministry that was birthed out of a passion for advancing and investing in the kingdom of God, which can be described as "God and people." We believe there is a fine line between religion and relationship. While most of the church has stayed on the side of religion, we are passionate about exploring and aligning ourselves with the deep heart and intimate thoughts of God.  Transparency in the body of Christ is the tipping point toward relationship, and we value being completely exposed to His loving eyes. Every event, project, sermon, and written material that we produce is designed to identify those who are hurting, hopeless, or lost and to help them discover their own transparent, passionate pursuit of the truth and depth of God’s redeeming love.


Our vision is to elevate Jesus one life at a time. We are committed to promoting the name of Jesus, encouraging those in need, and connecting people to their destiny as sons and daughters of the living God.


Our mission is to minister around the world by life/heart coaching, preaching, speaking, publishing, developing mission projects, and sharing incredible teachings & testimonies in churches and businesses. God has specifically called us to encourage and connect people with their unique destiny, identity, and freedom in Jesus Christ.

James Robison

James Robison"It has been a great joy to know Marc Owings...to observe closely his spiritual journey and to have him working at my side for nearly 15 years. Marc has the touch of God on his life-truly, it is divine enabling from above. I recommend the ministry of Jesus through this dynamic man of God. Marc identifies with the challenges that many men, fathers and even youth face today. You will be mightily blessed by spending time with Marc, and through his ministry you will be impacted by the power of our great God and Father."

JAMES ROBISON - Founder and President LIFE Outreach International
Ft. Worth, Texas