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Feeding Program

Elevate Him Ministries has developed a supplemental feeding program to the widow, poor and orphans in Honduras. The average income in this village is less than $225 a month. Incomes of this level are simply not enough to provide housing, food and water, clothing and medical care. Through a network of pastors and churches, we have implemented a feeding program to the 23,000 people of Talanga and its surrounding areas. The feeding program is held in conjunction with evangelism events. Elevate Him Ministries and its partners are ministering to the people by providing 5 pounds of rice, beans, corn and vitamins to every family attending the event. Hundreds of people are receiving supplemental food supplies as well as hearing the good news of Jesus Christ. Elevate Him Ministries believes that sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is best done through meeting needs and sharing the love of Christ simultaneously.

Your gift today can help someone who might otherwise go hungry as well as have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. Please join us today as we elevate Jesus one life at a time!

Join with Elevate Him Ministries as we proclaim the message of Jesus Christ in Word and in deed.